After quite a bit of deliberation, I have decided to push out a Facebook page for the site. I figure this will be a location where we can have a little fun and post some *really* quick facts on this. Bump up engagement a little bit too. As I haveContinue Reading

It was an interesting experience losing connection to the site for a few days. About a week ago I noticed that my attempts to reach the site were falling on 404’s. Thinking it was just my ISP, I let it go – since I could still access it on myContinue Reading

For the last several updates, I’ve just basically posted them in raw HTML on the homepage, and that stops now. I’ll be posting regular updates in the news section – since there’s no point in me having a news section if I don’t use it. The homepage has once againContinue Reading

After what seems like nothing, I’ve returned to the interwebs something fierce. This time with a bit of a story that has led me to revive this page. I’ll save you the tl;dr by saying outright, this page is set to be just a collective hodgepodge of anything and everythingContinue Reading