"On Air"

"On Air" is an overarching title of the podcast and stream section.  At least once a month on Twitch, we'll tackle a history subject in some shape or form.  History presentations are the minority on the streamer channel, but that doesn't mean that it's the only time you can talk history.  Every stream can become a history stream if the audience wishes it to.

The main series that is currently being run on the channel is Forgotten History and Historical Affairs.  These streams generally take place on the last or next-to-last Friday of the month.  Some topics are of a sensitive nature, and viewers should use discretion.

In this section you can find a schedule of upcoming dedicated history streams, information on upcoming streams, and archives of past streams (these are also available on YouTube).  You can also feel free to suggest a stream by using the contact form on the site.


Next Broadcast

A Spiritual Connection: Part II – The ATF Program

Title: A Spiritual Connection: Part II – The ATF Program Type: Presentation Date: Friday, 09 April 2021 Time: 18:00 CDT – 19:00 CDT Location: The Havoc on Twitch Streaming: HistoryKid Live Stream Availability: Open

Upcoming Programs

9 APR 20211800Forgotten HistoryA Spiritual Connection: Part II—The ATF ProgramTwitch.TVPosted
23 APR 20211800Historic AffairsMilitary History: Cold War Implications & ImpactsTwitch.TVTBA
7 MAY 20211800Forgotten HistoryA Spiritual Connection: Part III—The “Raider”Twitch.TVTBA
21 MAY 20211800Historic AffairsEthics & ConservationTwitch.TVTBA
4 JUN 20211800Forgotten HistoryVALKYRIETwitch.TVTBA
18 JUN 20211800Historic AffairsSo You Majored in History...Twitch.TVTBA

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