For the last several updates, I've just basically posted them in raw HTML on the homepage, and that stops now. I'll be posting regular updates in the news section - since there's no point in me having a news section if I don't use it.

The homepage has once again been updated, as I'm sure you've noticed - along with the entire design of the site. I'm still working on things here and there, but in general I'm working on more regular updates and fixing the fact that a ton of pages have no content on them. That's coming, and I'm sorry for making all two of you wait so long to get them working (that was a joke, but it probably wasn't).

I'd like to try and keep to a schedule of posts that are piping in, but I'm not sure that'll happen anytime soon. Right now I'm importing some stuff, and a lot of my content is spread out over DVIDS right now too. I think I just finished bringing all of that stuff in. I'm also adding fact sheets that I've built as a section. Sometime I should also probably get photography updated, but that requires a plugin that I have to work with, and I need to work on the plugins I am already using.

Lastly, I'll probably put up a donate/buy stuff section. I've been selling stuff since I inherited a lot of estate stuff, so that'll probably be an eBay link or something. Anything I sell on eBay or have up for donations will first go to pay for the site costs, and then be used towards my student loans (seriously, student loans suck). Anyway, I'll post more updates going forward. Ciao and all that.

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