Rock Island Arsenal, and Arsenal Island has many storied individuals that have graced its history. Some were just simply passing through, while others lived and worked on the island. From the establishment of the Arsenal in 1862 to present, this installation has been known for its familial legacy and generationalContinue Reading

Springtime brings about certain memories for individuals on the Mississippi River. For most it is a time to get out and enjoy the sun after a gloomy and cold winter. However, for businesses and citizens who live near the river, it is a time of concern and worry over what’sContinue Reading

The M20 Super Bazooka was a modification and advancement on the pre-existing Bazooka and Panzerschreck following the end of the Second World War. The need for the modified system was established after 1942, when the Germans captured a large quantity of the original M1 Bazooka’s. The reverse engineered Panzerschreck wasContinue Reading

Known better as the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), the 38th Parallel was the approximate boundary which separates the free South from the communist North in Korea. It is the precursor to the modern Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which is situated mostly on or just north of the MDL. The line wasContinue Reading

Now more than ever, there is bias all around us.  Sometime in the future, the sources we have available today will become primary sources.  So how to we combat bias in our primary sources?  Is it a new phenomena?  How can we use it to our advantage?  We’ll take aContinue Reading

Following the questionable 1804 Treaty, the fallout from the 1814 Battle of the Rock Island Rapids, and subsequent establishment of Fort Armstrong in 1816, tensions with local native populations were at a peak. Continued spats of engagements between settlers, Rangers, and Soldiers continued with isolated killings up thru 1832. FortContinue Reading

Happy almost-Spring readers, Hopefully this year has treated most of you better than last year.  It has been difficult for many, but I am optimistic that things will improve as the days pass.  But my post today is to update you on things around the site, the digital media footprint,Continue Reading

For months following the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the atmosphere was full of static and concern in the United States. Save for a few isolated breakthroughs, the Americans were largely on the defensive in the Pacific. The Doolittle Raid in April of 1942 was a lashing effort toContinue Reading

During the 1804 Pike expedition to survey the Mississippi river multiple islands had been noted as being strategically important. One of the islands that stood out from the rest due to its sheer size and composition; was Rock Island. The island known as Rock Island stood towering over the MississippiContinue Reading