This Day in Military History

The Victory Institute previously maintained a page of significant dates in U.S. Military History.  It has since been taken offline.  This list has been reproduced here and added on for your convenience.  Click on the links below to be taken to the individual pages for each month or use the navigation in the header above.

Notices, Updates, and Contribution Sources

  • Import of Victory Institute's content was completed on 7 AUG 2023.  Additional information was added from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine at this time as well, mostly in the February to April 2022 timeframe.  Most of this content for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine is aggregated from the Institute for the Study of War.
  • Starting June 2023, inclusion of significant dates from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine are being added to the list.  The cutoff date for all dates is 1 JAN 2023.  Subsequent reports will wait 12 months before being updated.
  • Content from the Victory Institute is being integrated into the system as of 23 AUG 2022.  This will continue until the original batch is fully imported.  Additions will be made following the completion of the import.