After quite a bit of deliberation, I have decided to push out a Facebook page for the site. I figure this will be a location where we can have a little fun and post some *really* quick facts on this. Bump up engagement a little bit too. As I have mentioned previously, the amount of users registered on the site here is restricted simply because of the content that I have behind registration walls. So Facebook is a good neutral spot for that community engagement. I have a few things to point out on how things will go here relatively soon with Facebook. For starters, these first couple of weeks the page will be errant simply because I'm trying to build content over there.

Be sure to go like the page if you haven't already to get even more content and some entertainment in your daily news feed. You know, to take a break from all of the political bungalo that keeps spreading about social media these days.

  • Monday - #MemeMonday, will feature something that will probably make you groan. I expect if we ever lose people on the page, it'll be on that day.
  • Tuesday - Two-fer Tuesday, I'll find a post to share from another Facebook page, as well as have a post to share from the site. This may be repetitive for a little while.
  • Wednesday - #WayBackWednesday, a quick photo post of back when. This will be our throwback day.
  • Thursday - Nothing scheduled.
  • Friday - Reserved for things that go boom. It's the gateway to the weekend, so lets explode stuff. Friday will be reserved for weapon systems.
  • Saturday - #didyouknow, factoid of the week.
  • Sunday - Nothing scheduled.
  • To ease your worry. I have an absolute zero tollerance policy against clickbait. Granted, I will try and keep posts short on Facebook, I am never going to use punchline words for clicks to the site. My intention on social media is education and entertainment, not monetary.

    With that said, I'll see you all on Facebook.

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