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The publications posted on this site are posted elsewhere on the internet or other forms of media (mainly print).  In some cases, they are authorized for reprint here for quick access.  Publications reach across a large assortment of topics, but primarily focus on the timeframe from 1812-2010.

Fact sheets fall into this section as well.  Fact sheets are an amalgamation of data that has been culminated for research purposes.  Likewise, these may also be used in publication data elsewhere on the internet or in media.

Most Recent Publication

  • Supplying Europe: Crossing an Ocean Full of Wolves

    Of the many struggles during the era of World Wars I and II, logistics of moving materiel from the United States to the Allies in Europe proved to be a costly and difficult endeavor. German U-boats plagued the Atlantic and were sinking ships virtually indiscriminately. Adoption of convoy systems was used to mitigate the hazards of these so-called “wolf pack” hunts. However, this still did not stop numerous losses both prior to and during their implementation. Struggles began prior to any declaration of war by the Americans. This was primarily due to the shipping of supplies to Western Europe for the Entente and later the Allies. World War I saw the export of small arms and ammunition among other personal accoutrements to the British and French. In some instances, this cargo was transported on civilian flagged vessels as it transited the Atlantic. The first major loss of American assets came

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Other Recent Publications

Army Materiel Command at Rock Island Arsenal

The history that leads to the Army Sustainment Command (ASC) is that of military logistics as a whole. Sun Tzu defined logistics as “A general science forming the most essential parts of the art of war.” Logistics has been a struggle that spans the age of war. From the age

Newest Fact Sheet

  • Lockheed A-12 Oxcart

    Succeeded by it’s younger Blackbird counterpart, the A-12 Oxcart was Lockheed’s response to the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) need for a high-altitude supersonic strategic reconnaissance aircraft.  Smaller,

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets act as a cursory examination of a particular element (i.e. artillery, aircraft, miscellaneous weapon systems).  These are generally updated as content necessitates, but occasionally will include others.  There are at least thirty publicized fact sheets that are included in distributed media.  Others are posted in this section for use on this website.  You can view a full list of the fact sheets by clicking the link under the newest fact sheet to the left.

Unlike other post categories, fact sheets have their own archival page where you can view information quickly in table format.  To view a complete list of fact sheets, click here or click the link in the header under the History > Publications tab.