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    Greetings folks! It’s been a bit since I updated you all on things.  First and foremost, welcome back the Facebook page!  I brought on a few individuals to aid me with keeping things running smoothly, and the Facebook page was one of the main things I tasked with restoring.  We’ll be pushing out posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so stay tuned! Unplugged History One of the original concepts I had been toying with when I started streaming on Twitch was the casual component to presenting history.  I started testing the water by simply pushing presentations on Twitch.  Those surprisingly and wonderfully went well.  I then expanded it to include round table talks on historic matters.  This also went well.  Now it’s time to move into the final phase: drunk history.  But, we can’t call it that – it’s kinda copyrighted.  So we’re going with the name Unplugged History.  This series

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4 days ago

The Havoc
We're going live in about 20 minutes for a conspiracy theory stream. Come join us over on Twitch. ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

The Havoc
Despite the controversy and poor performance of the B-36 Peacemaker, Convair attempted to maintain the designs relevance in 1950 by submitting a new proposal for a swept-wing, all-jet variant of the aircraft. Initially designated B-36G, it was later redesignated YB-60. Despite its first flight only being three days after the first YB-52, it failed to match the B-52's capabilities and performance which ultimately resulted in the program being cancelled in 1953 - ending the B-36 program altogether. ... See MoreSee Less
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It’s Been One Year…

It’s a bit hard to believe, isn’t it?  Just over one year ago I picked my work laptop up and walked out of my office with the anticipation that I’d be back two to four weeks later.  Here we are, one year and a month later with many restrictions still