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    Greetings folks! It’s been a bit since I updated you all on things.  First and foremost, welcome back the Facebook page!  I brought on a few individuals to aid me with keeping things running smoothly, and the Facebook page was one of the main things I tasked with restoring.  We’ll be pushing out posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so stay tuned! Unplugged History One of the original concepts I had been toying with when I started streaming on Twitch was the casual component to presenting history.  I started testing the water by simply pushing presentations on Twitch.  Those surprisingly and wonderfully went well.  I then expanded it to include round table talks on historic matters.  This also went well.  Now it’s time to move into the final phase: drunk history.  But, we can’t call it that – it’s kinda copyrighted.  So we’re going with the name Unplugged History.  This series

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1 day ago

The Havoc
Come join us tonight at 1800 CT for the one year anniversary stream! We'll be talking Rome tonight, followed by random game streams all weekend, plus a rerun of the Battle of the Atlantic talk on Sunday. U.S. Military Historian that never really grew out of his weeby gaming phase. I do a lot of JRPG's here, but am always increasing history programming. The mission is to build a bridge between games and education. Check the website for more history content! ...
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4 days ago

The Havoc
During World War II, German railway artillery laid down immense covering fire for the advancing and defending Axis powers. This was especially true in the Italian theater, where the 240 mm "Anzio Annie" guns were deployed. The "Leopold" gun was captured after German forces abandoned their lines, and was subsequently recovered by the Americans. The carriage was the basis for the later T76 Carriage on the T1, T131 (M65 Atomic Annie full assembly), and T145 (Baby Annie) guns, as well as the 3T weapon system (T76E1 carriage for the 175, 203, and 240 mm guns). The "Leopold gun" is now on display at Aberdeen Proving Ground. ...
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It’s Been One Year…

It’s a bit hard to believe, isn’t it?  Just over one year ago I picked my work laptop up and walked out of my office with the anticipation that I’d be back two to four weeks later.  Here we are, one year and a month later with many restrictions still