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  • Well That Didn’t Survive First Contact

    Happy almost-Spring readers, Hopefully this year has treated most of you better than last year.  It has been difficult for many, but I am optimistic that things will improve as the days pass.  But my post today is to update you on things around the site, the digital media footprint, and plans going forward.  Needless to say, I hope this one proves to be more accurate since the last plan definitely didn’t survive first contact. I have discontinued the Facebook page effective 1 March.  It was becoming more of a chore to keep it up, and it wasn’t fair constantly having to have someone else run it who wasn’t fully adept at the subject matter (that’s no fault of hers).  Thus, I have effectively stalled/shut down the Facebook page.  I’m kicking around ideas of things to replace it, such as a “this month in military history” section of the site,

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Winter 21/22 Update: More Digitization & Streams

2021 has been an odd year.  It’s had indications of returning to normal, but nothing in stone that would lead one to believe that is the case.  In some aspects it has been a bit more normal, in others not so much.  So that is to say that things were

It’s Been One Year…