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Historical articles that reach across time from the days of Nero to the the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, history is a perpetual state of reality.

Articles may include larger capstone research projects, short publications, or monthly articles (including fan's choice from Facebook).  The most recent are listed here, with a link to the category archives in the bottom right corner of the content section.

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  • “Now I Am Become Death”: Robbert Oppenheimer – From Hero to Traitor

    The article below was a term research paper composed during my Sophomore Year.  I’ve left it largely as it was at the time with a few minor changes for grammar and flow.  The reflection focuses on Robbert Oppenheimer and his change in posture from the forefront of atomic weapons research to that of a defense industry martyr.  Oppenheimer’s tale is a story of a man who did not understand the gravity of his own work.  We live in a world with mad men, but how many of them are beyond saving and how many of them are able to reflect?  In Oppenheimer’s case, he was only the latter. What defines a hero?  Is it somebody who comes through in a pinch to save the day, no matter the cost?  Or is it someone who stands up and defends what they think is right?  No doubt that Robert Oppenheimer is a

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A Tale of History: One Man’s Journey and Thoughts

Few things on this site have been a blog post outside of news posts and updates.  But I feel so inspired on this rare occasion of taking leave from work.  In my previous Unplugged post, I talked about the dangers of alternative history in media outside of the exposure component.