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Historical articles that reach across time from the days of Nero to the the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, history is a perpetual state of reality.

Articles may include larger capstone research projects, short publications, or monthly articles (including fan's choice from Facebook).  The most recent are listed here, with a link to the category archives in the bottom right corner of the content section.

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  • The Figures Who Built a Legacy: Rock Island Arsenal

    Rock Island Arsenal, and Arsenal Island has many storied individuals that have graced its history. Some were just simply passing through, while others lived and worked on the island. From the establishment of the Arsenal in 1862 to present, this installation has been known for its familial legacy and generational workforce. Everyone contributed and continues to contribute a significant amount to the history of Rock Island Arsenal. The list of the greatest influencers could easily fill an entire book, but instead we will look at a few of the most prominent individuals from Fort Armstrong through the Interwar. Perhaps the most well-known individual in Rock Island Arsenal history aside from BG(B) Thomas J. Rodman is COL George Davenport, a sutler who worked for the U.S. Army during the Fort Armstrong years. Together with Antoine Leclaire, the two were the first major businessmen to settle in the region that now makes

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This One’s for the Students: An Abridged Dialogue

So, you majored in history, huh? GREAT! I am sure you are intimately familiar with many things pertaining to your craft already.  But I am also sure you are familiar with the weird stigmas that go along with a degree that is dubbed a “Liberal Arts” degree.  I get it. 

September 11, Twenty Years Later