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Historical articles that reach across time from the days of Nero to the the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, history is a perpetual state of reality.

Articles may include larger capstone research projects, short publications, or monthly articles (including fan's choice from Facebook).  The most recent are listed here, with a link to the category archives in the bottom right corner of the content section.

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  • September 11, Twenty Years Later

    On the evening of 10 September 2001, it seemed like just any other night.  Parents tucked their children into bed, businessmen and women prepped for their presentations the next morning, families enjoyed just another meal together, and all seemed relatively right in the world.  For ~3,000 Americans, this would be their last.  For ~25,000 others, things would never be the same for them again. At 0759 local time on 11 September, American Airlines Flight 11 bound for Los Angeles took off from Boston, it would be hijacked fifteen minutes later at the same time as United Flight 175 takes off from the same airport.  Two more flights will take off over the next half an hour that are destined to be hijacked on this morning.  Shortly after Flight 175 is hijacked, Flight 11 plunges into the North Tower of the World Trade Center complex at 0846.  The tensions of the

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Artistic Expression & Pop Culture During the Vietnam War

The article below is a succeeding article that approaches art in the Vietnam War from a different perspective from it’s sister.  This one was drafted my senior year at a totally different institution from the first, and includes a few more nuances of my current stance on subject matter.  Again,