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Historical articles that reach across time from the days of Nero to the the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, history is a perpetual state of reality.

Articles may include larger capstone research projects, short publications, or monthly articles (including fan's choice from Facebook).  The most recent are listed here, with a link to the category archives in the bottom right corner of the content section.

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  • Artistic Expression & Pop Culture During the Vietnam War

    The article below is a succeeding article that approaches art in the Vietnam War from a different perspective from it’s sister.  This one was drafted my senior year at a totally different institution from the first, and includes a few more nuances of my current stance on subject matter.  Again, this is all education through trial and error, and is not a reflection of my actual thoughts or opinions today, nor is it indicative of how I approach history today. We consider the 1960s as a time where people were united against a great evil.  Depending on who you spoke to, that evil was either communists or the government.  The fifteen years from 1960 to 1975 were highlighted by what was publicly called a pointless war and great social change in the United States.  Art was used as an outlet for people to express themselves as the world was changing

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Music in the Vietnam Era: Art Made Eternal

The article listed below is what I like to call, evidence of education through trial and error.  This was composed my second year of undergrad – at a university that offered no military history courses and barely afforded any honor or homage to the military profession.  It has a sister

The Atomic Bombings of Japan