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Historical articles that reach across time from the days of Nero to the the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, history is a perpetual state of reality.

Articles may include larger capstone research projects, short publications, or monthly articles (including fan's choice from Facebook).  The most recent are listed here, with a link to the category archives in the bottom right corner of the content section.

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  • A Tale Damned to Tragedy: The Afghanistan Civil Wars

    The Cold War is often highlighted by the presence of proxy wars, conflict that breaks out in a smaller nation that is fueled by the world superpowers, and a race of arms.  When thinking of these conflicts one quickly jumps to the Korean or Vietnam Wars.  However, there are many other examples of proxy conflict that underscored years of failed policy.  It wasn’t just the West in Vietnam, there were plenty of failed Soviet missions as well.  All these conflicts had one thing in common: the failed to understand that the conflict being fought within these smaller nations was one of internal struggle that could not be fixed by overwhelming imposition of a foreign force.  In the Soviet’s case, the most notorious example of a failed mission is that of Afghanistan. Despite Afghanistan being the center of American intervention for the larger part of the twenty-first century, conflict in the

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September 11, Twenty Years Later

On the evening of 10 September 2001, it seemed like just any other night.  Parents tucked their children into bed, businessmen and women prepped for their presentations the next morning, families enjoyed just another meal together, and all seemed relatively right in the world.  For ~3,000 Americans, this would be