It was an interesting experience losing connection to the site for a few days. About a week ago I noticed that my attempts to reach the site were falling on 404's. Thinking it was just my ISP, I let it go - since I could still access it on my phone (so it wasn't a server issue). Lo and behold I find it was my virus scanner.

Now, I know that this was a false positive. I checked the site against the Trusted Source database, and it came back with "minimal" or "no risk" each time. However, just for the sake of sincerity, I opted to deploy a few new security measures for the website in hopes to avoid future issues. I don't claim anything is foolproof. However, this should at least make things a little bit more secure and long-standing.

First, I hae deployed virus scanning on the website. This probably should have been in place to begin with, but I just now got around to it. Second, I've enabled SSL (and forced it) on the site. You should now see that all pages are using HTTPS, rather than HTTP. This just seems to be the norm for the internet these days, so I didn't argue with it too much.

That's the latest on this end. Happy reading.

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