Frequently Asked Questions

I get it, it's perfectly normal to have some questions about things on any website.  That's why I have launched this Q&A / FAQ section to help answer things so you don't have to keep wondering about it.  (It's not like you couldn't contact me, right?)  At any rate, please read some of my grand explanations to questions below, and feel free to submit one of your own via the contact form.

Research Questions

I've noticed you don't use citations in most of your articles, why is that? Good question.  The main reason for this is that the majority of the material I am working with is either online already, or is common knowledge.  That being said, it is always a good idea to cite things.  My intentions have always been to having physical or digital documents that have the information I'm providing, and have information linked.  Sadly, I'm one person, and that takes a lot of time.  I'm making progress on that as I go, but it's a work in progress.  If it is not cited, however, chances are it's a culmination of quick Google searching.
I've seen some of the posts on here posted elsewhere, is this a copyright issue or plagiarism? Your concern is valid.  Let me tell you right now that "The Havoc" is not the only place where some content is posted.  A good way to tell if it's a legitimate repost or not on this site is if there's a disclaimer statement at the bottom.  I do have articles posted on DVIDS, so it is entirely possible that you have read those articles there.  There was also a period of time where I posted content in a series on another website, and that info is now over here as well.  Regardless, any data, text, or information that isn't mine is directly pointed out.
Some of the content you've posted just seems to be a rehash on already posted information, why are you recycling content? Usually recycled information that I provide has some other context to it as well.  I'd refer you back to the question about citations when answering that question and just add that most of that rehashed information is done so to provide a connection or a new point that wasn't made in the original argument.
I gave you stuff to look through, and haven't seen you comment on it yet! Oof.  I have so much stuff to go through right now it's kind of pathetic.  Rest assured, if you sent me something to look at, I will look at it eventually and will have a comment on it.  I just can't always get through documents as quickly as I'd like.  History is a series of rabbit holes, and I have to explore each one.
Are you one of my students? Maybe.  I will say that if you reached this site through a plagiarism validator, I am not your student.  Any content that is posted here I have already received a grade on by my academic institution and that class would have been long-over by now.  No papers that I've composed are from classes that I am currently in.  (Yes, this has really been asked.)

Media Questions

When do you stream history content on Twitch? Usually it's once or twice a month.  The rest of the time I stream video games mostly.  The service is largely based on video games, and therefore I use that to create a bridge for new individuals to be included into the fold of history.  You can view a schedule of history streams though on the "On-Air" page, if you just want those instead.
Can I suggest or request a topic to be discussed? You certainly can by way of the contact page.  I will warn you that if it's outside of my field of vision that I may have to wait until I can find an individual to come on and chat about it.  One of the things I'm trying to avoid is talking on matters I don't have a base knowledge on.  For example, if you ask me to talk on the Civil Rights Movement, I'm probably not your guy, but I can probably find someone who is.  Be patient and please understand the limits of my focus.
Can we talk about history on any stream you have? Yes.  I encourage people to talk history, even if I'm in the middle of one of the video game streams.  Again, this is about bridging a connection with individuals who may have previously overlooked the historic profession.  Some historians on Twitch focus on history games, I tend to tackle the role-playing game genre.  The audience of the two is generally very different, but I have found that at least a few of my followers of the JRPG genre have started to turn up for history streams.  This works.  Ask away, and chat about history.  I will always say it is appropriate.

Creator Questions

What powers this site? WordPress runs the content management service.  It's not a WordPress server though, and I do all of the updates by hand.  There's a bunch of mods that are used too that make the site work as smoothly as it does.
How do you make your banners? Clip art, brushes, random pictures, and Microsoft Publisher - of all things.  PNG's are a wonderful thing, and I use them to my advantage whenever possible.
Can I register for an account on this site? We have purposefully disabled registration on this site and add editors and writers by hand.  This is to better manage who has the ability to post content on the site and maintain content and academic integrity.
Can I reply or comment some of my own history on posts?
Yes, in fact, this is encouraged!  All you have to do is reply to a post.  All posts are screened to ensure they're adding to the discussion and building of constructive commentary.  Even if it's in contrast to an article, as long as it is constructive, it will be approved.