It’s About “Something…”

I have operated so many different websites, and changed between them frequently.  The main reason for this is that I just could never settle on one subject – ever.  I finally decided that I was just going to have one site that takes care of all of those things, and thus MelodicHavoc (or “The Havoc”) was (re)born.  This site is what happens when you have a cultivated mess in your mind.  It is a collection of thoughts, hobbies, and addictions all in one place.  It is not designed to impress anyone, nor is it designed to get you to have some kind of epiphany.  These are pages that collect thoughts, work, and various projects in some form.  If you are so inclined to enjoy this page, you’ve made my day.  If you are somehow judging me right now for having such a page – I must remind you that you just spent the last two minutes reading the about section.


My first website – I was 14 – I started in 2004.  I was young, ambitious, full of wonder.  An idiot.  I ran back and forth with ideas of starting “huge forums” for people to use.  It started with the general chat theme, then we added an anime forum, then we added a gamer forum, and before we knew it, there were like 5 forums.  2,000 members, 400,000 posts, and 90,000 topics.  Then I got tired of keeping it up and ran out of the cash for it, and shut it down.  That’s when I started to do these really dumb me-only pages that were just for me.  That was great and all, but I’m not a web developer really – I can’t design to save my life, and what would I possibly need a portfolio for?  After an on-and-off care relationship, I eventually decided “why is it only the artsy-fartsy people get a website?”  So I restarted

Now, I didn’t come to rest on this site and domain without great internal turmoil.  My interests are varied.  Music, anime, games, history, audio, history, memes, history…yeah.  Well “TheNerdyHistorian” was already taken.  As was my usual username “The History Kid”, and something about “TheAnimuHistorian” just sounded too…well – tell them, Homer…

So What’re Ya Doin’, Michael?

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m making a site for me – just for me.  However, that’s not to say that I intend to just talk to myself all the time.  Rather, this site is for me to put up stuff I think is cool that really doesn’t work on the social media platforms.  Sharing thoughts, comments, and maybe even some research.  I intend to put anything of my interests up here in some form.  I came to the realization that I don’t entirely suck at writing during the 75th anniversary of D-Day this past week (which so happens to be the week of 6 June 2019).  So, you can expect a little bit of photography, some nerdisms on anime and games, some history, some tech mumbo jumbo, and a lot of immaturity mixed with professionalism.  Just imagine “Meebo” over there is talking to you.

The Bottom Line

If anyone out there visits the site and enjoys it, great – I am truly glad.  I’m not publishing on here to generate followers or some kind of grand project, it’s just a place for me to post up my ideas and thoughts.  If you actually want to chat at me over some of this stuff, you can always find my on social media – which I’m sure I’ll have posted on the site at some point.  Let me just break some hearts right now though…

No, I’m not interested in advertising the site.

No, I’m not interested in advertising your site.

No, I’m not interested in SEO.

No, I’m not interested in “likes” or “shares.”

It’s a website, and if you found it – anyone can find it.  Enjoy it for what it is.  An uncensored, immature, and sometimes professional page of amusement, entertainment, and monotonous literature.