“The Havoc” started in 2013 as a collection of thoughts, opinions, and loose research associated with various subjects from a single author.  Since then, it has grown and shifted to focus on primarily history with an emphasis on education.  The concentrations of subject matter in history are mostly military in background and range from ancient times to the present.

The site is a continuation of efforts that began as early as 2004 and has since changed emphasis and focus a few times before settling on its present incarnation.


The mission is to provide an outlet for historical information, documents, and sources from multiple backgrounds and perspectives to bolster interest in history, research, and education.  As a second order of effect, this should also fulfil the role of a limited repository of primary sources and documents for the purpose of research.

In addition, this site seeks to modernize and tell stories in new and unique ways to breathe new life into the field of history.  The field finds itself often in a position of stagnation and sterile environment.  It is an alternative mission of this site to break away from these stereotypical perceptions and garner interest of history from generations both young and old while preserving the key historical message.

Contributors & Content

Many of the contributors to this site have degrees in, profess in, or core interests invested in the historical arts and come from many backgrounds.  This assortment of contributors is vital for the presentation and preservation of a clear historical record.

Content on this site includes key historical imagery, most of which is sourced from elsewhere on the internet or various archived and cited as best as possible whenever possible.  Imagery which is proprietary to owners or editors of the website is clearly marked for easier licensing.  Presentation and video content is mostly organically created and distributed freely.  This content originated from various sources and streaming services around the internet.  More information on off-site content can be found in the off-site content section.

It is not recommended that you cite information presented here that does not have citations of its own unless it is content that is sourced from verified third parties, such as DVIDS, government agency, or educational institutions.  We say this for the sake of maintaining high standards of academic integrity and scholarly improvement in the profession.

We operate on an exclusively "WYSIWYG" approach to content (what you see is what you get) to practice and advocate for transparency in all we do.  This means that sometimes older content will be refreshed in-place (such as the addition of foot notes, references, tool tips, or other content improvements).  Corrections will be highlighted at the top and bottom of an article.  While you shouldn't think of this site as open source as Wikipedia, we are open to corrections and discussion when you have them.  Always feel free to share your thoughts or corrections on a post when you find yourself inspired to do so.


The site content primarily consists of history pertaining to campaigns of the U.S. Army, Air Force, and the history thereof.  Additional history includes studies on weapon systems, concepts, doctrine, strategy, and cultural history.  While some content from U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is present on this website does not constitute nor imply endorsement by DoD or the U.S. Government.  The appearance of this information is purely for illustration or reference purposes only.

The views expressed on this website reflect those of the author only and do not reflect any other opinion or account.

Lastly, we do not claim any content that is not our own.  Feel free to reach out to us if you see something that you own that you'd like us to remove or properly credit.

Before You Move On...

It is encouraged that you share this site with individuals with similar interest in history.  There will always be new content to present as the story that history tells is ever growing, ever changing, and ever enthralling.  It will remain free and open to use for anyone with an interest in the field, while also remaining ad free.  We also do not collect any personal information from our guests and visitors.  The information that we do collect is covered in our privacy policy, which we encourage you to read for your own awareness.  This information cannot be used to identify you.

An assortment of sources has been curated for your use as well.  These links serve as useful tools to further any research you may find yourself investigating in with regards to content found on this website.  We also have a selected works library for you to reference for further reading of materials associated with this site.  Please note, we claim no third-party affiliation with anyone and do not actively seek any affiliation with any external entities.

We hope you enjoy your time browsing the site and hope you will reach out with any interesting historical information you may have or want us to investigate.  History is a symphony of different melodies playing at the same time, and it is the role of the historian to organize them into a colorful and beautiful masterpiece.