Copyright Policies, Ownership, and Source Material

The following information pertains to the ownership of content on this website (, herein "The Havoc"), its subsites, and extends to all external social media related platforms attached to it.  The information here establishes ownership of content, rights to use content, and procedure for content validation.  Since most of the material on The Havoc is text, much of this information will pertain to use under Creative Commons.

1. Research Articles, Fact Sheet Data, and Generic Content

Content that is found in research articles has a unique copyright that is based upon how the information is presented and how the information is used.  Many articles will include references to third-party documents like a research essay or report.  Due to the unique nature of how I handle citations on the site, I therefore recommend and suggest at least a pingback to the original article that is posted here.  You may repost this content, but you may not claim it as your own.  To do so implies plagiarism, copyright policy notwithstanding, and will be persecuted to the maximum extent allowed.

Fact sheet data is another unique factor on The Havoc and has its own limitations and requirements.  Most data on fact sheets are borrowed from already existing fact sheet data from a third party, and therefore is not exclusive to The Havoc.  Thus, you are not required to pingback to the fact sheet here.  This data is free for unlimited distribution.  Fact sheet data is notorious for varying from source to source, it'd be relatively easy to determine if you're straight up copying the information, but fact sheets are posted on this site to be used for research purposes.  Therefore, no action will be taken on fact sheet reposts.

Generic content includes items such as site updates, blog entries, unplugged historian commentary, and analysis.  Most, if not all, of these things will be exclusive to The Havoc and would not make sense in context elsewhere unless the name and references are changed within the body.  Therefore, again, it'd be relatively easy to detect duplication of this content.  You may not repost this data in its entirety, nor claim any of it as your own.  The reason for this is that it is information that pertains explicitly to the site, and any deviation from that could potentially lead to confusion.  Imitations of the site will be recognized as plagiarism risks and DMCA complaints will be filed.

2. Publication Posts

There are two kinds of publication posts, and both have different policies and procedures for republication and reposting.  For all content that is associated with DVIDS, please see the Web and Social Media Policies section on the Department of Defense's Chief Information Officer's Page. DVIDS copyright policy can be found here and extends to DVIDS marked content on The Havoc, regardless of if the content originated on this site.  The following items below are taken from the DVIDS copyright page and apply to content that may be posted on The Havoc:

No Representations or Warranties. DoD makes no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the suitability of using DoD VI for non-DoD purposes. Use of DoD VI is at the user's sole risk.

Intellectual Property Restrictions. Military Department and other DoD component names, insignia, seals, symbols, and similar marks may be protected as trademarks or service marks and may not be used in commerce without prior written permission. DoD Component Trademark Licensing Office contacts may be found at

In general, DoD VI that are works of authorship prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are not eligible for copyright protection in the United States; however, some of the DoD VI available on this publicly accessible website may be subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights owned by non-DoD parties, regardless of whether the VI is marked with a copyright notice or other indication of non-DoD ownership or interests. Any use of this DoD VI other than as expressly authorized in this notice may subject the user to legal liability, including liability to such non-DoD owners of intellectual property or other protectable legal interests.

Non-Commercial Use Authorized. Except in cases of "Production Authorized for DoD Assistance" described below, DoD VI may be distributed, copied, and used, for non-commercial, personal use, as well as historical, educational, or newsworthy purposes or activities. Display of the non-DoD endorsement disclaimer is requested.

Productions Authorized for DoD Assistance. DoD VI obtained for use in a third-party production (e.g., motion pictures, documentaries, television, and video productions) for which the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs has authorized production assistance is governed under separate authority and project-specific terms pursuant to DoD Instruction 5410.15 or DoD Instruction 5410.16 and shall not be considered either Commercial Use or Non-Commercial Use, as described and authorized above.

Other content, such as official documents and data that are in PDF or other digital file form, are all required to retain their original publication data.  This may include report numbers, publication date, location, distributor, author, and all other identifying information.  Violations of any of these terms pertaining to publication data will be handled at the federal level and will not be ignored.  Violations will also be prioritized over standard DMCA breeches or copyright policy breeches.  If you have questions about republishing or reposting this content, it is best to ask before proceeding. (DVIDS) publications are created independently and are distributed by The Havoc in accordance with DVIDS guidelines and copyright guidance. Use of DVIDS material does not imply DVIDS endorsement of this site. This site is a privately owned domain and has no affiliation with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

3. Images, Graphics, and Icons

There are two kinds of images in the images category.  The first is general use.  Images in this section include, but are not limited to historic photos, official photos, stills from digital media (i.e., documentaries, television shows, games, or other media formats), and art*.  Content belonging to these sections is not bound by any copyright policy that is enforceable by The Havoc.  This does not mean that the content does not have copyright.  You are still subject to the original author's copyright policy, and it is the user's responsibility to determine or find out the nature of that policy.

The second of these images includes site assets, graphics, and icons.  These images are licensed under free use and no copyright is held by any individual author or content creator on The Havoc.  Instances where this is not the case are clearly defined and expressly communicated.  An exception to this rule is the site logo, which has limited rights provided to The Havoc for use.

* All art should be considered copyright - no exceptions.

Graphics such as banners and header images are branded and are modifications on original images provided in either the first or second paragraphs of this section.  However, as they are branded, it should be recognized that this material is under limited license to The Havoc** and that the original content is copyright to a third-party holder.

** Licensed, when possible, The Havoc has no way to confirm the authorization of some material that is used - see below for information on reporting license violations.

Icons that are used on The Havoc are generated from third parties and are all licensed as free-to-use under the General Public License (GPL) v3.

4. Reviews of Digital Media

All reviews that are posted here of any digital media are copyright to The Havoc, unless otherwise stated.  Content (such as images) within these reviews is not subject to copyright on The Havoc but may contain property of third parties.  For this reason, this section only pertains to the text portion of any given review.  Violations will result in DMCA submissions.  Just as research articles take an extensive amount of time and effort, reviews take a heavy burden of time as well.  Therefore, direct copies without any referral to the original content will be seen as plagiarism and prosecuted.

You do not need to request permission to repost any reviews, however: you may require permission to repost replies to that review, digital media, or other content that is not covered here.  You must credit the original post in any reposting of this content.

5. Replies to Content

All replies to content on the site, no matter how short or lengthy, fall under Creative Commons licensing.  IP collection, email addresses, and username information is collected at the time of posting to verify the identity of the user posting content.  All content posted in reply to content by a user, that is approved, is property of the individual posting the reply.  Thus, reposting and copying of that information requires the authorization and permission of the poster.   Violating this policy and practice may result in DMCA complaints, copyright filings, or plagiarism claims.

Discussion of topics among the public on this site should be seen as an open forum, and therefore may include modifications to content elsewhere.  However, the license to do so works upon the understanding that any individual reposting content does so with the intention of providing the original poster with credit.  The Havoc is not responsible for policing for content posted by end-users that is reposted without permission.  It is the responsibility of the content owner to do so.

A. End-User License Release Statement

This statement releases content posted by end-users from being restricted by copyright policies outlined in other sections on this site.  All copyrights are reserved to the end-users of information posted in response to content on this site.

6. Reporting of Violations, Updating Licenses, and Acquiring Licenses

A. Reporting Copyright Material on This Site

If you have found material on this site that violates a copyright policy, DMCA, or believe it suspect in some form of digital media violation, the best thing to do is to contact the site owner via the contact form.  Please be as descriptive as possible when submitting your query, including links, original post information, and concerns.  While the contact form does not have an option for attachments, please make sure that you have them in the event of a need later.

Most inquiries will be responded to in 72 hours with a target resolution of 120 hours.

B. Reporting Copyright Material Found on Another Site

If you have found material elsewhere that you believe originated from The Havoc and suspect a violation, once again, the best thing to do will be to submit a contact request via the contact form.  Include as many details as possible with links, post information, and concerns.  Again, please make sure that you have taken screen shots for use later if necessary.  You may not necessarily receive a response regarding the outcome of these queries, but please note that all of them will be reviewed and are appreciated.

C. Providing or Revoking a License to Pre-Existing Information on This Site

If you are a content owner of an image on this site (all text is proprietary) and want to change terms to the use of that image on this site, you may do so if your original license was not free use.  Images that were acquired via stock vendors or sources, or via a non-commercial license are omitted from modification to licensure.  However, if no license has ever been known to you, and you'd like to provide licensure or terms for licensure to images found on this site, you may do so via the contact form.  You will be required to provide evidence that you are the copyright holder (much like a DMCA complaint), and that you'd like to modify or revoke the license to use content on this site.  All inquiries through this route will be treated as DMCA violations internally and will have elevated importance to protect the content copyright holder.

D. Requesting Permission to Use Content from This Site

To request permission to use content on this site that is covered by the site's copyright, you may submit a request via the contact form.  All requests will be answered in the order that they are received.  Please be descriptive as to what your intentions of use are, and how credit is to be provided back to the original author.  You will be issued a formal document stating approval or denial of authorization to use whatever content is requested.

7. Site "Existence" Policy

The Havoc is bound to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy as outlined by our service provider.  As such, every attempt is made to comply with the policies found within the host's AUP.  As the end-user, you have the right to be aware of content in the AUP.  This information as well as escalated DMCA information can be found at

Additional information regarding DMCA issues can be found on the DMCA website.

8. Copyright Identity

A. Modification of Terms Release

The Havoc is not required to notify end-users or visitors of updates to its terms of use, copyright, privacy policy, or disclaimer.  It is the user's responsibility to remain apprised of changes to this information.

Proprietary Content © 2019-2023, The Havoc. Some Rights Reserved.

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