If for some reason you feel the need to reach out to me, you can do so with the contact form shown to the right.  I can't guarantee how fast I'll see your email, but I can say that I will for sure receive it.  Please just exercise patience when you send it.

If you have a DMCA, copyright, or legal concern, make sure you toss that in your subject line so I might see it a little bit sooner.  It's not my intention to have any of those things happen, but we'll be realistic - this is a website on the internet and these things tend to happen sometimes.

I will spare you the time, that if you are emailing me to ask if you can cite something on this site, you may only do so if it is posted in the "Publications" section.  Pay close attention if it has a DVIDS disclaimer, as citation policies are different for those and must comply with whatever terms and regulation DVIDS has posted on their website.  I have no control over DVIDS content and the polices they enforce.

Lastly, in general please note that, as mentioned in the About section, I only really claim content that is posted in a text format.  If you see anything else, it's probably someone else's.  I am happy to cite if it belongs to you, just let me know so I can make the corrections.  I never will be perfect and able to cite everything from memory, and will never claim to be able to do so.


Alternatively, you may also opt to reach out to me via the Discord server.  This likely has the greatest chance of me responding the soonest, but it also may be very brief.  I would encourage you to reach out via email or the contact form if you need a detailed response or have a research request.  You can also prod me in Discord to find out the status of those things, but please do exercise some patience.