Welcome to the Havoc, an assortment of discombobulated thoughts and writings on stuff.  This website is mainly just to home stuff that I've done that I find interesting, or to house things that I generally find interesting that I didn't write.  If you find it entertaining or useful, that's awesome.  Hopefully you enjoy the site.  I am constantly fine tuning things and adding stuff, so I don't imagine any individual visit will be the same - or if it is, oh well.  Keep checking back often!

Latest News & Updates

The last few months have been very interesting for me, as well as for all of you I am sure.  The first sign that things were going to go awry came around 13 March, when I was informed that the following week we’d be staggering out work schedules.  The week that followed that we went to almost a complete telecommunications structure.  We’re still in that, and I expect it to continue for at least the remainder of April.  Secondly, it also included some modifications to my school schedule which basically doubled the length of the class and stretched out deadline priorities.  Ultimately, it just made things go slower as more and more obstacles were thrown into everyone’s path.  With all that being said, I have added a few features, have a few features planned, and have a few other research priorities and articles coming that I wanted to tell you all about. Research Priorities As with the previous news update, I indicated that I was shifting focus to a broader range of artillery systems.  I have been in frequent communication with Mr. Berliner regarding the atomic artillery systems, and with one of our volunteers at work regarding non-atomic elements.  In the meantime, I’ve also been talking with people at White Sands Missile Range, and Yuma Proving Grounds.  This all culminates an anthology of research that will turn one year old in July – that started with Dr. Richard Bull’s HARP (though the seed had been sewn as early as June of 2017 for this research project).  …
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The Original Plan Folks, About six months ago I fell into a rabbit hole examining a project known as the High Altitude Research Project (HARP), that was originally led by Dr. Richard Bull.  Bull was, for all intents and purposes, a traitor by the time he died in the 1990s.  Nevertheless, sometimes the most intelligent people in the world are not the most aligned in the sense of honor, duty, integrity, or justice.  History tells us that.  But I digress.  The intent was to examine just how far Bull had gotten in his research, and to compile a large and in depth history piggy-backing on his own historical recounts.  This quickly led to the inclusion of several other ancestral weapon systems (the Krupp K5 and the Paris Kanonen). The focus was then centered on the 7-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch HARP guns and their respective rounds, plus the Navy models, and the limited Krupp models.  The Paris Kanonen was used for this reason as the genesis system. Then the V-3 got included in that, after Bull’s commentary included just as many references to that weapon system as the Krupp K5. Then Things Got Complicated The original set of research priorities included the K5, and that was never an issue.  The issue arose after several HARP design schema’s came back with similar attachments to the weapons in what I have now come to call “the Annie family.”  The Annie Family does indeed trace back to the K5 (Anzio Annie – the grandfather – if you will), but the …
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After quite a bit of deliberation, I have decided to push out a Facebook page for the site. I figure this will be a location where we can have a little fun and post some *really* quick facts on this. Bump up engagement a little bit too. As I have mentioned previously, the amount of users registered on the site here is restricted simply because of the content that I have behind registration walls. So Facebook is a good neutral spot for that community engagement. I have a few things to point out on how things will go here relatively soon with Facebook. For starters, these first couple of weeks the page will be errant simply because I’m trying to build content over there.

Be sure to go like the page if you haven’t already to get even more content and some entertainment in your daily news feed. You know, to take a break from all of the political bungalo that keeps spreading about social media these days.


  • Monday – #MemeMonday, will feature something that will probably make you groan. I expect if we ever lose people on the page, it’ll be on that day.
  • Tuesday – Two-fer Tuesday, I’ll find a post to share from another Facebook page, as well as have a post to share from the site. This may be repetitive for a little while.
  • Wednesday – #WayBackWednesday, a quick photo post of back when. This will be our throwback day.
  • Thursday – Nothing scheduled.
  • Friday …
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  • I have received a few questions regarding the series of slogans that I’ve thrown around on the site, and figured I’d take some time to explain those. After all, I can see how they may seem odd in their own context.

    To begin with, let’s start with “Embrace the Suck.” Anyone with any kind of military experience surely knows this saying. I’m sure if I read this to you, you’d probably also know the phrase “if it ain’t rainin’, we ain’t trainin’.” It goes with the same context that conditions, be they physical, emotional, atmospheric, idealistic, or whatever, are rarely perfect. Embrace those challenges and make yourself better.

    “Just deal with it.” Far too often, you’re presented with a problem that you really don’t understand and get frustrated with. The best advice I ever got is “just deal with it.” Handle it to the best of your abilities, and don’t give others the opportunity to balk at your for it.

    Within the confines of history, however – I use these slogans (especially on the site) for a different reason. In recent times, it has been far to easy to brush history off to the side. Some people even think history is far too violent, or has no reason to be further learned or examined for whatever reason. History isn’t always pretty. History isn’t always kind. History is full of heinous things, atrocities, madness, insanity, political incorrectness, and obscenities. That does not mean that you cherry pick pieces of history …
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    Slowly but surely, my intent will be to include some additional resources here for fellow military historians and readers from my local geographic area. I already have a section for this set up, but it requires a login to access. If you would like access to that part of the site, you’ll want to submit a request via the Contact link.

    I intend to have friends, family, local organizations, and fellow historians (I’ve said that several times now, sorry) have access. So just make sure you give me a justification when you send your request. In time I might make a more formal method of requesting, but since we’re in the infancy stage, I am not too worried. Don’t worry, there’s no pay wall or anything (it’s free), it just requires a justification for an account.

    Currently, there is some tour data in that repository, along with a set of World War II presentations. Happy reading! …
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    Research Priorities

    The following is a list of research projects that I have in the works, and is not at all inclusive:

    • The History of Long-range, High-Caliber Artillery
    • The Valkyrie Program
    • The Study of High Altitude Projectile Launches
    • The "Annie" Family of Ordnance Systems
    • The History of the Stealth Concept
    • Cold War Military Logistics & Deployment

    Inquiry Priorities

    The following is a list of subjects I'm working on articles for, again - it isn't inclusive:

    • The Advanced Tactical Fighter Program
    • The B-2 Spirit Bomber and the Flying Wing
    • Understanding the Importance of Close Air Support
    • The 1898 .38 Caliber Colt ACP
    • German Superweapons in World War II
    • An Age of Doomsday Devices
    • The Peak of Thermonuclear Testing
    • The Battles of Iwo Jima & Okinawa