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I discovered Mr. Sam Berliner's work in June of 2018 when I was working on a project for our local Army garrison.  We have one of the last remaining Atomic Annie's on our post, and we were looking for some more "in-the-weeds" commentary on the weapon system.  Mr. Berliner's site provided us with a good amount of additional information.  Shortly after the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 sent everyone home, I reached out to Sam as I had recently found information pertaining to his T145 175mm Gun, which he had dubbed "Baby Annie."  He was ecstatic.  Much of the T145 materiel had been destroyed or worked into subsequent projects.  I had initiated research requests at White Sands and Yuma in April following my correspondence with him, but with COVID restrictions pinching manpower, these efforts fell through.  Unfortunately, I was unable to provide Sam with any additional information beyond my last communication in mid-2020, as he passed away in December of that year.  It was clear to me in my limited exchanges with him that he was very passionate about his time in the Ordnance Corps and the preservation of history of some of the more unique aspects of the weapon systems that were fielded during the time.

To date, Sam's aggregation of data and information on Atomic Annie remains the most complete.  However, as of March 2022, his site had fallen off the internet, and was only available via the Wayback Machine.  With the assistance of my staff here on The Havoc, we were able to pull an entire copy of his website from 6 December 2021.  We intend to aggregate the information he had available, flesh it out, and expand upon it to make an even more complete source of information.

This Atomic Cannon subsite will consist of Mr. Berliner's collected data and my own.  I have also reached out to other Atomic Cannon enthusiasts and experts to better draft the new collection of information.  While Mr. Berliner's site will remain in the Wayback Machine, I intend to present the material here in academic format rather than his personal accounts to help with information discovery.  A link will be provided to the Wayback Machine's snapshot of his site for individuals to read Mr. Berliner's own words and accounts once aggregation begins.