List of Acronyms & Abbreviations

Described below is a list of acronyms and abbreviations that appear on this site.  This is not all-inclusive and may miss a few.  Double check the post you're referencing to see if any of these are spelled out there, and pay attention to the context that they are used in.

1LTFirst Lieutenant
2LTSecond Lieutenant
AFSCArmy Field Support Command
AMCAir Mobility Command
AMCArmy Materiel Command
AMCCOMArmament Munitions and Chemical Command
ARMCOMArmament Command
ATBAdvanced Tactical Bomber
ATFAdvanced Tactical Fighter
ASCArmy Sustainment Command
ASLArtillery Systems Laboratory
BCEBefore Common Era
BGBrigadier General (1-star)
CALFCommon Affordable Lightweight Fighter
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CONADContinental Air Defense Command
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DoDDepartment of Defense
GENGeneral (4-star)
GWOTGlobal War On Terror
IOCIndustrial Operations Command
ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force
JASTJoint Advanced Strike Technology
JMCJoint Munitionis Command
JSFJoint Strike Fighter
LTCLieutenant Colonel
LTGLieutenant General (3-star)
MACMajor Army Command
MGMajor General (2-star)
MSCMajor Subordinate Command
MUCOMMunitions Command
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATFNaval Advanced Tactical Fighter
NORADNorth American Aerospace Defense
NGBNext Generation Bomber
ODSOperation Desert Storm
ODS2Operation Desert Shield
OEFOperation Enduring Freedom
OIFOperation Iraqi Freedom
OSCOperations Support Command
OWCOrdnance Weapons Command
RCSRadar Cross-Section
RDEResearch, Development, and Engineering
ReARMRenovation of Armament Manufacturing
STOLShort Take-Off and Landing
TACOMTank-automotive and Artillery Command
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAAFUnited States Army Air Force
VTOLVertical Take-Off and Landing
WAAFWomen's Auxiliary Air Force
WASPWomen's Auxiliary Service Pilot
WECOMWeapons Command (U.S. Army)
WOWWomen Ordnance Workers
WRLWeapons Research Laboratory