What is "Off-Site?"

The Havoc operates on a footprint that exceeds its main web domain.  It extends to several social media platforms and streaming services.  Because of this, some limited terms and policies have been drafted to police and maintain quality on these third-party websites.  Please note that all external entities may have their own terms of use and privacy statements.  It is the responsibility of the user to familiarize themselves with these policies and terms.

Below are off-site footprints with specific governing policies associated with them that are imposed by The Havoc.  These tabs also include their function and place in the larger footprint of The Havoc.

Third-Party / Off-Site Services


Classification: Multifunctional Chat Platform

Purpose: To serve as a means of open communication between the administrator and users, as well as to facilitate better ways to incorporate viewers with streams and podcasts.

Description: The Discord server was implemented to better manage interaction and footprint on Twitch. The service allows simple text-relay chat as well as various voice chat channels for user-to-user or user-to-admin communication. Because of its direct link to Twitch, it should be seen as an extension of Twitch.

Terms of Use:

  1. Discussion of politics is strictly prohibited.
  2. The maximum content maturity level is PG-13, except where historical conversation or topic exceed this rating. Content of that nature must contain spoiler tags to obscure view and include a content warning.
  3. Limited use of profanity.
  4. Discussion of illegal activities is prohibited.
  5. Respect the thoughts and opinions of others while recognizing that you also have your own right to an opinion.
  6. Reduce the use of pinging other users.
  7. Do not talk poorly of your fellow users. Issues should be brought to the attention of a staff member.
  8. You may discuss current affairs to a limited degree, but please remember that the staff may ask you to remove or delete subject matter which may be misconstrued as endorsement of information of any variety.

Classification: Digital Media Streaming Platform

Purpose: Live streaming of historical subject matter and leisure subject matter.

Description: Twitch serves as a location to stream On-Air content, as well as to generate interest in a different audience. The primary userbase of the Twitch website tends to be a younger audience with an interest in gaming. The mission is to use gaming as a gateway into the historical profession while keeping subject matter entertaining, engaging, and interesting. This means that usually the channel will stream game content in addition to history content.

Terms of Use: (Constant)

  1. Discussion of politics is strictly prohibited.
  2. Be respectful to fellow chatters and users.
  3. Follow instructions/directions of channel moderators.
  4. Be mindful of the subject matter, content, and tone of the stream before commenting.
  5. Current affairs (news related, such as politics or other controversy) are prohibited discussions in chat and on stream.

Terms of Use: (On-Air)

  1. Chat will be in a follower-only state. This is to reduce the risk of abuse or inappropriate commentary during serious subject matter.
  2. No cut in notifications will be visible, nor will chat be visible. Cut ins such as raids, follows, or subscribers are not on screen during history streams.
  3. Make sure your comment is respectful. Some history is touchy or sensitive, be aware of what you say before you hit enter.

Classification: Digital Media Platform

Purpose: Storage of past On-Air streams from Twitch.

Description: Since Twitch by default only saves streams in the on-demand section for up to two months, history streams are reposted to YouTube shortly after they are completed. In some cases, the streams may be removed from Twitch and posted to YouTube immediately. This is done largely due to the inability to mark individual streams as sensitive. Streams of this nature will carry on as planned but will always be unpublished shortly after for republication on YouTube, where they can be viewed in their entirety.

Notice About Off-Site Content

This site does not participate in any advertising campaigns, link exchanges, or related activities.  A link to this site appearing on another page does not imply endorsement of third-party individuals or content.  The sharing of links to this website should be done so in good faith that the information provided is useful or helpful to an individual, group, or entity.  It is not presented with any warranty or guarantee.