Resources for Networked Historians (and area residents)

Slowly but surely, my intent will be to include some additional resources here for fellow military historians and readers from my local geographic area. I already have a section for this set up, but it requires a login to access. If you would like access to that part of the site, you'll want to submit a request via the Contact link.

I intend to have friends, family, local organizations, and fellow historians (I've said that several times now, sorry) have access. So just make sure you give me a justification when you send your request. In time I might make a more formal method of requesting, but since we're in the infancy stage, I am not too worried. Don't worry, there's no pay wall or anything (it's free), it just requires a justification for an account.

Currently, there is some tour data in that repository, along with a set of World War II presentations. Happy reading!

Author: The Kid

A junior Military Historian. In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. I'm also a professional student, specializing in Cold War era military history and American aviation history. I have composed several publications over the last four years, and continue to publish writings and photos to various journals, publishers, and blogs - including this one.

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