The world trembled as fire rained down from the skies above. People were disoriented, frantic, and running for shelter as churches, hospitals, and houses burned to the ground. By the time the explosions ceased, most of the city was ablaze and in ruin. The date is 1 September 1939, andContinue Reading

Atomic warfare, nuclear doctrine, mutually assured destruction, a dead man’s switch, Star Wars, these all are punchlines which highlight the crux of the era we now know as the Cold War.  Both of the world’s greatest superpowers clashed with one another in a different war that was fought with scienceContinue Reading

In October of 1917, the 38th Infantry Regiment was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division at Camp Greene, North Carolina under the command of MG Joseph T. Dickman. The 3rd Division deployed to France in March of 1918 and was positioned around Chateau-Thierry. During this deployment, the 38th Infantry wasContinue Reading

Nestled into the northeastern territory of Lorraine in France, the small city of Verdun was the site of the largest battle on the Western Front in World War I. After having been delayed for almost two weeks, German forces launched Unternehmen Gericht (Operation Judgement) on the morning of 21 FebruaryContinue Reading

World War I saw many new technological advances on the battlefield. Widespread use of the submarine made open waters unsafe for civilians and navies, steel coffin tanks littered fields where crops used to grow, and eyes in the sky could see your every move. War was fought in the trenches,Continue Reading