Title: She was called Annie: The History of the Triple Threat Weapon
Type: Presentation
Date: Saturday, 12 September 2020
Time: 18:00 CDT - 19:00 CDT
Location: The Havoc on Twitch
Streaming: HistoryKid Live Stream
Availability: Open to the Public
Presentation Slide Deck: THON.PPT.200910.001

Archived Event

This event has already occurred and has been archived.  You can re-watch the stream via the YouTube video above or view the slide deck by clicking on the MH Catalogue number to the right.  You do not need to be logged in to access either one, but you will need MS Powerpoint or another similar presentation software to view the slide deck.  All slide decks have had their modification features disabled.


World War II had presented a new wave of technological advancements in weapons.  Tracing the origins of large caliber, long range artillery goes back to World War I, but it was the Germans in the Anzio campaigns that captivated the Allies.  Here, the gun known as Anzio Annie was deployed, and she would serve as the foundation to one of the most iconic and largely forgotten artillery pieces in history.  Join us as we discuss Atomic Annie, Baby Annie, and the U.S. Army's Triple Threat Weapon as we kick off our new series: Forgotten History.

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