On Air: The Battle of the Atlantic


Title: "The U-boat Peril:" The Battle of the Atlantic
Type: Presentation
Date: Thursday, 30 July 2020
Time: 19:00 CDT - 20:00 CDT
Location: The Havoc on Twitch
Streaming: HistoryKid Live Stream
Availability: Open to the Public



Join us for an evening presentation/lecture on one of the lesser known subjects of World War II: The Battle of the Atlantic. We will discuss the U-boat peril, strikes on Allied shipping, and how naval warfare in the Atlantic shaped submarine warfare forever.

This presentation is an experimentation of a new upcoming series that we are experimenting with.  The details and approach to each presentation, format, and other information may change in future series or sequences.


Author: The Kid

A junior Military Historian. In 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. I'm also a professional student, specializing in Cold War era military history and American aviation history. I have composed several publications over the last four years, and continue to publish writings and photos to various journals, publishers, and blogs - including this one.

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