Greetings folks!

It’s been a bit since I updated you all on things.  First and foremost, welcome back the Facebook page!  I brought on a few individuals to aid me with keeping things running smoothly, and the Facebook page was one of the main things I tasked with restoring.  We’ll be pushing out posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so stay tuned!

Unplugged History

One of the original concepts I had been toying with when I started streaming on Twitch was the casual component to presenting history.  I started testing the water by simply pushing presentations on Twitch.  Those surprisingly and wonderfully went well.  I then expanded it to include round table talks on historic matters.  This also went well.  Now it’s time to move into the final phase: drunk history.  But, we can’t call it that – it’s kinda copyrighted.  So we’re going with the name Unplugged History.  This series will kick off sometime in July and will consist of myself and at least one other historian taking shots at history…maybe while under the accompaniment of alcohol (or coffee).

These will be light hearted streams with a focus on presenting dense subject matter through entertainment.  The audience is everyone, and I am really hoping that people enjoy it – and provide feedback!

Presenters Series

With the new series coming in, I will be phasing out the Forgotten History series and replacing it with a quarterly Presenters Series.  The same content will be in this new series, but I’ll be moving it to quarterly.  These streams are very time consuming, and so it was decided to move them to quarterly and restart other quarterly features.  The last stream that will carry this branding is the Spiritual Connection stream on the Raider which is 9 July.  The next one after that which will carry the first Presenters Series branding is still to be decided.

New Content

The first set of new content that will arrive on site will likely do so sometime this weekend or next week and will be in the form of new fact sheets.  This will be followed by a new quarterly post that will relate back to a stream that has already taken place.  As a reminder, the Forgotten History Streams had replaced the quarterly articles, but this will be ending in July.  The first article to be posted will be on the B-2 Spirit bomber, as referenced in the May presentation.

Peripheral Sites

The peripheral sites that I have outlined in the header will begin getting attention again starting in July.  The first of these was Alter which received a dedicated staff member in June.  The second will be Archangel (Military Archival Database), which I have slated for updates in July.  I’m hoping to have at least some of our TR’s uploaded to Archangel sometime before the end of summer, and additional documentation uploaded by the end of CY21.  I have thousands of documents and images that need to be uploaded, and that will take quite a bit of time to do.

I also have images to upload to the site gallery that have not yet been published.  Hopefully in the coming weeks that will get pushed through as well.

In the meantime, I am streaming every weekend on Twitch, and now posting regularly on Facebook – so feel free to find me on one of those platforms if you’re all caught up with what we have on site here.

Over and out!

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