I have received a few questions regarding the series of slogans that I've thrown around on the site, and figured I'd take some time to explain those. After all, I can see how they may seem odd in their own context.

To begin with, let's start with "Embrace the Suck." Anyone with any kind of military experience surely knows this saying. I'm sure if I read this to you, you'd probably also know the phrase "if it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'." It goes with the same context that conditions, be they physical, emotional, atmospheric, idealistic, or whatever, are rarely perfect. Embrace those challenges and make yourself better.

"Just deal with it." Far too often, you're presented with a problem that you really don't understand and get frustrated with. The best advice I ever got is "just deal with it." Handle it to the best of your abilities, and don't give others the opportunity to balk at your for it.

Within the confines of history, however - I use these slogans (especially on the site) for a different reason. In recent times, it has been far to easy to brush history off to the side. Some people even think history is far too violent, or has no reason to be further learned or examined for whatever reason. History isn't always pretty. History isn't always kind. History is full of heinous things, atrocities, madness, insanity, political incorrectness, and obscenities. That does not mean that you cherry pick pieces of history that is to be remembered or acknowledged. So, my advice to the people offended by history or have a staunch need to revise it in any form other than for the betterment of the profession is to "embrace the suck" of history, and "just deal with it" as it is. All history is the history of now.

Lastly, you may think of life as one grand symphony. If that is so, then history surely is the score of that grand symphony. Within history is a series of different melodies and movements that make up the artistic piece that is life. To change such a magnificent piece of art would be simply criminal.

So embrace the suck, just deal with this wonderful and colorful symphony that we call history - and living.

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