It's a bit hard to believe, isn't it?  Just over one year ago I picked my work laptop up and walked out of my office with the anticipation that I'd be back two to four weeks later.  Here we are, one year and a month later with many restrictions still in place.  It's a bit insane to think about, but it has led to many new experiences, adaptations, and creative ideas that many of us hadn't thought of before.  The hope is that soon I'll be back at work for more than just a day or two a week - but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  It's time for another post update with site updates...heh...

How About Them Updates, THK?!

I know, I know.  Let it all out.

The site was rebooted in January, and I'm still tripped up over scheduling for things and getting everything worked out.  I reabsorbed the Alter site into this one, but I still have to actually build that whole section.  I've commissioned a minion to help me maintain that whole set of information.  If you're interested in the more serious stuff, this isn't for you sadly.  You'll want to use the main navigation for your regular viewing purposes.  The site and the content are still history driven and always will be.

The MAD (now referred to as "ARCHANGEL") site is under a lot of construction, mainly because it hasn't been updated since I bought the domain.  The other admin and I just haven't had time to work on it or upload anything over there (to include the reports that used to be on here).  That time will come, but it'll be a slow rollout probably.  Don't worry, I'm working on that.

Most of the updates just pertain to content that I have created, but just haven't had time to post.  There's some follow up articles pertaining to Twitch streams that haven't been posted yet, a few Capstones, a few social media writeups, and then some.  Tumblr was dropped too, since it was becoming a degenerate cesspit.  Facebook has been slow to update because frankly if I want to get content posted, it's better off here where I can post an unlimited information quantity.  The largest amount of updates come in the form of spec sheets which I need to convert in.  Those will probably show up before anything else.

An issue I've recorded has to do with how random some banner images are showing in the content blocks.  I'm looking into this, but I have no ideas what is causing it right now (hence the Twitch content isn't update like it should in that content box).

Give Me Stuff

I have a few callouts for people.  Most of them pertaining to information that they have been sending me to look into (Bob in particular has sent me so much information that I'm up to my eyeballs).  My boss has recently checked in too, which is kinda cool.  The big thing though that I wanna put out there is that outside of streaming, work, and a daily jog I have nothing on my plate in this pandemic.  There are isolated school things that come up here and there, but most of that is also on hold so...and I say this with the greatest amount of professionalism I can...








I know that I have a backlog of stuff to post up, but I am also hopeful that having more stuff piling in on top of that might give me the added motivation to get some of this stuff posted and done.  So please don't hesitate to hit that contact button or drop in on a Twitch stream (even if we are doing goofy gaming things) and strike up a conversation.  That's all I have for now folks.  Until the next update, stay safe and healthy!

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