Announcing Historic Affairs Season 3

After a bit of a hiatus, we are excited to announce the return of history streams to Twitch.  In previous installments, the format ranged from simple power point presentations to round-table discussions and semi-podcasts.  We are still in the process of ironing out exactly what the new format will look like, but we have decided on the subject matter for this season of Historic Affairs: The Vietnam War.

Vietnam has always been a sensitive topic for many different reasons.  Western doctrine clashed with the Eastern Bloc through various proxy wars over the Cold War, but the Vietnam War seemed to manifest things a bit differently.  There was more to it than any outside power saw, however.  As we observe multiple Vietnam anniversaries over the next few years (50 and 60 years depending on how you count it), we thought it best to observe some interesting subject matter.

The dates and topics are as follows:

26 JAN 2024 – Western Intervention & The War

We will discuss the “why” of Western intervention in Vietnam.  France’s reasonings were different from the United States’.  There were more hands in the pot than just the West as well, including elements from South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, North Korea, and many others.  Beyond simple imperialism and “Red Scare” diplomacy, there were major complexities in the reason for intervention.

29 MAR 2024 – Social Impact in and of

One of the mainstays of the Vietnam War era was the rise of the New Left, the adoption of Civil Rights, and the unity of many individual movements under the unified banner of anti-war sentiment.  The changes in social construction during the Vietnam War was unprecedented akin only with the labor strikes during and following World War I.

31 MAY 2024 – Aviation & Air Campaigns

The largest aerial engagements since World War II was encompassed within the Vietnam War with bombing campaigns that dwarfed the Combined Bomber Offensive.  In addition, the Cold War era spurred the development of new and improved weapons and technology that could outperform Soviet countermeasures.  The F-4 Phantom and B-52 Stratofortress were chief among the icons of the war in the air during Vietnam, but there were so many others that lent their support to the effort.

26 JUL 2024 – Ground Operations

Ground operations in Vietnam were anything but “pretty.”  Psychological struggles plagued North and South forces alike, with tactics being used by the North to impose the greatest amount of pressure possible on the Americans.  These tactics led to widespread casualties of non-combatants, and ongoing post-traumatic stress disorders in many who returned.  Beyond this, the North utilized a well-entrenched logistics network that was fortified and well placed.

27 SEP 2024 – Cold War Brainchildren

The Cold War is marred by numerous stories of terror and fear which the world has not seen since.  These range from the threat of imminent destruction of the world to the total breakdown of society as we know it.  Scares shared between warring ideologies and spheres of influence.  This led many to dream of ideas that left men in both awe and terror, ranging from the Project Thor, to Project Pluto, and the Sundial.

23 NOV 2024 – Evacuation & Implications

The Vietnam War closed in many ways with silent fanfare.  In other ways, it closed with a dramatic and chaotic chorus that spelled out the end for millions of people and proof that the Domino Theory was, in fact, founded in reality.  The implications that followed the Vietnam War shaped American doctrine in the years to come, spurring on developments in technology and changes in war.  However, some nations were not as quick to learn as others, and even those who poured over their lessons learned and after actions were quick to forget them as the Cold War forged onward into its dormant state.

Historic Affairs will run for a total of six episodes in Season 3 and will air at 1900 central time, United States.  We will have recordings of these broadcasts for viewing, just like always, on our YouTube page.  A separate post will be made when formatting is decided on later this year.  There will also be an individual post made for each broadcast as we prepare to add them to our video archives.  We’re excited to be back and look forward to seeing you all in 2024 as we remember one of the most iconic events of the 20th century.

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