Technical Library

Items listed in the technical library section are sources that have been cited on this site only.  I have no authority to provide any of those documents to you unless you make a formal request through the Army, and that wouldn't have anything to do with me anyway (unless you're local, or you know me already, in which case you know the right channels already).  If you want access to a cited TR, TM, or other technical resource, your best bet is to contact DTIC.  You may also have some luck using AHEC.

Please remember, all documents cited are unclassified, but that doesn't mean that they're available in digital form or for purchase.  For official digital copies and/or purchases, please visit DTIC.

AuthorTitlePublisherLocationPublication DateReport #CTR/PRO ID
Hammer, E.W.Engineering Study Leading to the Design and Development of a 350 mm Mobile GunThe Franklin InstitutePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania1951F-2223-2DA-36-034-ORD-77
Holmes, R.O.Notes on Development Type Materiel: 175 mm Gun Carriage, T76The Franklin InstitutePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania1953
Notes on Development Type Materiel: 175 mm Gun, T145The Franklin InstitutePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania1953
Lorimor, GeorgeAnalysis of Carriages Suitable for 7-Inch HARP GunRock Island Arsenal R&E DivisionRock Island, Illinois19653-65
Lorimor, George7-Inch HARP Final ReportRock Island Arsenal R&E DivisionRock Island, Illinois196666-3411
Lorimor, George7-Inch HARP (Navy Model) Final ReportRock Island Arsenal R&E DivisionRock Island, Illinois196767-296
Rossmiller, Robert; Salsbury, Mark16-Inch HARP Work at Rock Island ArsenalRock Island Arsenal R&E DivisionRock Island, Illinois196666-1493
COL Cave, John W; MAJ Bergman, John L; CPT Haley, AustinInvestigation of the Proving Ground at Hillersleben, GermanyCombined Intelligence Objectives Sub-CommitteeWashington, D.C.194527-74
COL Hinds, G.H.; COL Speechley, G.K.Artillery Experimental Range: HillerslebenCombined Intelligence Objectives Sub-CommitteeWashington, D.C.194528-2