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This listing below is a collection of materials that are available for view on the internet from official sources.  They are provided here as a resource for your review based upon content posted elsewhere on this site.

ResourcePub. No.AuthorTitleDateFormat
CMH1-1Watson, Mark SkinnerChief of Staff: Prewar Plans and Preparations1950PDF
CMH1-2Cline, Ray S.Washington Command Post: The Operations Division1951PDF
CMH1-3Matloff, M.; Snell, E.Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare: 1941-19421953PDF
CMH1-4Matloff, MauriceStrategic Planning for Coalition Warfare: 1943-19441959PDF
CMH1-5Leighton, R.; Coakley, R.Global Logistics and Strategy: 1940-19431955PDF
CMH1-6Coakley, R.; Leighton, R.Global Logistics and Strategy: 1943-19451969PDF
CMH1-7Smith, ElbertonThe Army and Economic Mobilization1959PDF
CMH1-8Fairchild, B.; Grossman, J. The Army and Industrial Manpower1959PDF
CMH2-1Greenfield, K.; Palmer, R.; Wiley, B.The Organization of Ground Combat Troops1947PDF
CMH2-2Palmer, R.; Wiley, B.; Keast, W.The Procurement and Training of Ground Combat Troops1948PDF
CMH3-1Millett, John D.The Organization and Role of the Army Service Forces1954PDF
CMH4-1Conn, S.; Fairchild, B.The Framework of Hemisphere Defense1960PDF
CMH4-2Conn, S.; Engelman, R.; Fairchild, B. Guarding the United States and Its Outposts1964PDF
CMH5-1Morton, LouisStrategy and Command: The First Two Years1962PDF
CMH5-2Morton, LouisThe Fall of the Philippines (and -1) (Paper)1953PDF
CMH5-3Miller, John, Jr.Guadalcanal: The First Offensive1949PDF
CMH5-4Milner, SamuelVictory in Papua1957PDF
CMH5-5Miller, John, Jr.Cartwheel: The Reduction of Rabaul1959PDF
CMH5-6Crowl, P.; Love, E.Seizure of the Gilberts and Marshalls (and -1) (Paper)1955PDF
CMH5-7Crowl, Philip A.Campaign in the Marianas (and -1) (Paper)1960PDF
CMH5-8Smith, Robert RossThe Approach to the Philippines (and -1) (Paper)1953PDF
CMH5-9Cannon, M. HamlinLeyte: The Return to the Philippines (and -1) (Paper)1954PDF
CMH5-10Smith, Robert R.Triumph in the Philippines (and -1) (Paper)1963PDF
CMH5-11Appleman, R.; Burns, J.; Gugeler, R.; Stevens, J. Okinawa: The Last Battle (and -1) (Paper)1948PDF
CMH6-1Howe, George F.Northwest Africa: Seizing the Initiative in the West (and -1) (Paper)1957PDF
CMH6-2Garland, A.; Smyth H.Sicily and the Surrender of Italy (and -1) (Paper)1965PDF
CMH6-3Blumenson, MartinSalerno to Cassino (and -1) (Paper)1969PDF
CMH6-4Fisher, Ernest F., Jr.Cassino to the Alps (and -1) (Paper)1977PDF
CMH7-1Pogue, Forest C.The Supreme Command1954PDF
CMH7-2Ruppenthal, Roland G.Logistical Support of the Armies, Volume I: May 1941-September 1944 (and -1) (Paper)1953PDF
CMH7-3Ruppenthal, Roland G.Logistical Support of the Armies, Volume II: September 1944-May 1945 (and -1) (Paper)1959PDF
CMH7-4Harrison, Gordon A.Cross-Channel Attack (and -1) (Paper)1951PDF
CMH7-5Blumenson, MartinBreakout and Pursuit (and -1) (Paper)1961PDF
CMH7-6Cole, Hugh M.The Lorraine Campaign (and -1) (Paper)1950PDF
CMH7-7MacDonald, Charles B.The Siegfried Line Campaign (and -1) (Paper)1963PDF
CMH7-8Cole, Hugh M.The Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge (and -1) (Paper)1965PDF
CMH7-9MacDonald, Charles B.The Last Offensive (and -1) (Paper)1973PDF
CMH7-10Clarke, J.; Smith, R.Riviera to the Rhine (and -1) (Paper)1993PDF
CMH8-1Motter, T.H. VailThe Persian Corridor and Aid to Russia1952PDF
CMH9-1Romanus, C.; Sunderland, R.Stilwell's Mission to China1953PDF
CMH9-2Romanus, C.; Sunderland, R.Stilwell's Command Problems1956PDF
CMH9-3Romanus, C.; Sunderland, R.Time Runs Out in CBI1959PDF
CMH10-1Brophy, L.; Fisher, G.The Chemical Warfare Service: Organizing for War1959PDF
CMH10-2Brophy, L.; Miles, W.; Cochrane, R.The Chemical Warfare Service: From Laboratory to Field1959PDF
CMH10-3Kleber, B.; Birdsell, D.The Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat1965PDF
CMH10-4Coll, B.; Keith, J.; Rosenthal, H.The Corps of Engineers: Troops and Equipment1958PDF
CMH10-5Fine, L.; Remington, J.The Corps of Engineers: Construction in the United States1972PDF
CMH10-6Dod, Karl C.The Corps of Engineers: The War Against Japan1966PDF
CMH10-7Smith, Clarence McKittrickThe Medical Department: Hospitalization and Evacuation, Zone of Interior1956PDF
CMH10-8Wiltse, Charles M.The Medical Department: Medical Service in the Mediterranean and Minor Theaters1966PDF