Monetary Support

I will be honest, it does cost a fair amount of money to keep the site running.  I try to keep things running smoothly on a yearly basis, and that comes out to around $400 a year.  Bandwidth is cheap, disk space is not! (Neither is security for a site.)  As such, any monetary aid is always appreciated, but not expected.  If you've ever even just considered helping, that's a lot.  I always have, and continue to operate under the rule of funds generated from online donations or sales (eBay), go towards the site and student loans.  We won't talk about how much my student loans, it's a scary amount (but I expected that).  Anyway, if you do want to provide some support, there's a few ways you can do that...

Means of Support


The Generic Way

Most sites have a PayPal donate button - at least, most privately operated ones. I'm not an exception. You can specify any amount, and I think you can even do recurring donations.

Twitch Subscription

Get Some Twitch Perks

If you enjoy my stream content, you can opt to subscribe to my Twitch channel. Amazon Prime customers also get a free subscription, so keep that in mind. Twitch gives affiliates 50% of the subscription cost.

Also Twitch

Other Means via Streaming

Twitch has a few ways you can support a streamer, such as bits, cheers, and built-in stream donations. If you'd rather not be locked into a sub, you can always support me that way as well.

Anyway You Cut It...

Thank you.  Even if all you could afford was a few cents, a dollar, whatever it is...thank you.  Every little bit helps, and it is greatly appreciated.  I have long-since taken the stance of not running ads on the site, but unfortunately that's out of my control on Twitch.  (Just an FYI, Subscribers do not see ads.)  Again, if you enjoy the site, that's honestly enough for me.  You are valued, regardless if you can support the site monetarily - and you are welcome in this community.