Let’s face it.  Plenty of people who watch anime have always had “what-if” questions in their minds when it comes to their favorite cast of characters.  In fact, many of them have either really great ideas, and just downright creepy as hell ones.  We won’t talk about the later (andContinue Reading

Certain shows have certain nuances that I’ve always found interesting.  My first exposure to Youjo Senki was in the reverse order from what I’m sure most viewers experienced it.  My initial contact was from the ridiculous(ly fun) Isekai Quartet.  The military historian in me got caught up with one idea though thatContinue Reading

The Type-Moon ensemble of anime is admittedly a puzzling one to me.  It seems to demand a certain amount of insider knowledge that I just simply do not have.  However, that does not stop me from enjoying some of the series that are contained within it.  I have given theContinue Reading