Pub. No.Object No.DatePub Title.Article
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2310.030129 SEP 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterFrom the Shadows: The Legendary SR-71 Blackbird
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2309.021111 SEP 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterA Short History of the 41st Composite Squadron
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2308.021022 AUG 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterA Thank You, a Monologue, and a Message
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2307.020913 JUL 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterA Mad Man's Theory: Project Pluto
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2306.02081 JUN 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterThe Importance of Air Superiority: Understanding Air Forces & D-Day
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2305.020715 MAY 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterA Grand Volunteer Force: Early Exercises & Force Composition of the Iowa Wing
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2304.020623 APR 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterCornfields to the Deep Blue Sea: Iowa CAP at Its Origins
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2303.020522 MAR 2023Iowa Wing CAP History NewsletterWASPS, WACS, and the Civil Air Patrol: Iowa's Role in the Future of Aviation
blankIAWG 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2302.02041 FEB 2023Iowa Wing CAP History Newsletter"You Can Fly Alright!": Remembering the Tuskegee Airmen
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2212.02032 DEC 2022IA041 History NewsletterNORAD Tracks Santa: A Festive Tradition
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2211.02026 NOV 2022IA041 History NewsletterBeyond the Civil Air Patrol: Women in Aviation, Combat Ferries, and Ordnance
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2210.02011 OCT 2022IA041 History NewsletterThe Saga of the Second Bomber: Bockscar
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2209.01063 SEP 2022IA041 History NewsletterInto the Blue: The United States Air Force at 75
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2208.01051 AUG 2022IA041 History NewsletterPolar Bears & Dragons: Gary Powers & the U-2 Spy Plane
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2207.01041 JUL 2022IA041 History Newsletter55 Years in the Making: The Northrop B-2 Spirit
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2206.01031 JUN 2022IA041 History NewsletterThe Fall of the Valkyrie
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2205.01021 MAY 2022IA041 History NewsletterThe F-16's "Cannon of Fire"
blankIAW 110-41-100USAF.CAP.2201.010131 JAN 2022IA041 History NewsletterThe A-10 Thunderbolt II & The GAU-8 Avenger