Hey there Chat and Friends,

It’s the end of 2021 already.  I know!  I’m freaked out about it too.

2022 looks to be a very busy year for me.  I have full intention of pursuing the requirements for a reserve slot in the U.S. Air Force, and that means I need to lay on heavy not only my work-work, but flight work as well.  (If you weren’t around for our GTA stream on 10 DEC or our very short AC stream on 13 DEC, this is probably the first you’re hearing of this.  This is all speculative of course, I am old after all (sadface).)  Nothing is of course set in stone, but I am actively in the process of changing some things which will reduce streams a little across the board but improve them in quality.

First, outside of impromptu streams, Saturday the 18th appears to be our last stream of 2021, and it will be a longer Chad stream with Genshin Impact.  I’m hoping to make it a good one.  We won’t be streaming on New Year’s Eve this year because that frankly took way too much out of me last year, and with all the things I need to do right now, it wouldn’t be good time management of me to do.  If we do, it’ll be earlier in the day and might be something light like GTA or Goat Simulator, or something equally as dumb.

Second, after much deliberation I have concluded that Sunday streams will not be coming back.  Instead, we will keep our Monday streams and move those streams to 1900.  This is to prepare for post-COVID-19 work schedules that I am expecting after the beginning of the year.  Friday streams will move to rotational scheduling, with times all moving to 1900 there as well.  We currently rotate on-off weeks for history streams but going forward our PS4 games will also rotate out on those weeks.  If we have a history stream, there will be no PS4 stream on that Friday and vice versa.

Third, as fun of a ride as it has been, Genshin Impact streams are also going to get moved around a little bit.  Beginning the first of the year, we will be moving Tanya to EU and having those streams be once every month on Saturday in Chad’s slot.  Depending on how the content release schedule goes, I may move Genshin Impact streams to once a month each and make Saturday’s PS4 nights as well on rotation.  I will make that call after Q1 concludes in March.

There will be special edition streams in 2021!  I’m still working out the logistics, but I intend to launch a series of on-location streams for history orientation around the country (mostly West of the Mississippi River).  I’ll have more information on that in a separate post on the main site later in 2022.

Thank you so much for your continued support, all 169 (nice) of you as of the time I’ve written this.

Not following yet?  That’s okay – Twitch was new to me recently too.  Click here to check out the channel! (It’ll open in a new tab.)

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