Games Streamed

Genshin Impact

First & Last Saturdays at 20:00

NA Server: Aether, the first Saturday
EU Server: Tanya, the last Saturday
Co-Op periodically with random draw.

Tales of Series

Second & Third Saturdays at 20:00

Beginning 7 May 2022.
Season will continue with Tales of Arise.
Tales of Zestiria coming in July.

Ace Combat

Mondays at 19:00

Ace Combat & related playthru's continue on Mondays. We'll be playing a number of different scenarios now that we're finished with our main series playthru.

Edutainment Fridays

Fridays Without a History Stream

Friday @ 19:00

No History Stream scheduled on a Friday? No problem. We'll still be streaming, just something a bit different. We'll be slowly easing our way into NoPixel GTA RP. What that looks like, we never know. However, it's always bound to be entertaining. GTA playability is based on where we land the in queue, so if it's too high we might swap over to something else. The bottom line is that these streams are always bound to be entertaining as they are at least somewhat educational (insofar as the RP will let it be).

Upcoming Streams (Confirmed, No Time Set)

Tales of Vesperia


Final Fantasy VII Remake


Atelier Ryza

To follow Final Fantasy VII Remake

Ghost of Tsushima

To follow Atelier Ryza

History Streams

15 JUL 20222000Unplugged HistoryHistory and Uwu (I Died Typing That)Twitch.TV
29 JUL 20222000Surveying HistoryTopic: PlacesTwitch.TV
12 AUG 20222000Historic AffairsGetting Ready for a School YearTwitch.TV