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Weekly Schedule

Mondays @ 19:00

Ace Combat

2nd & 3rd Saturdays @ 20:00

Tales of Arise

1st & 4th Saturdays @ 20:00

Genshin Impact


I generally will stream JRPG's and other smaller steam games on Twitch.  This is in addition to the history and education streams that I'll do on occasion.  Every stream and clip is saved and archived eventually to YouTube (as of July 2021), and will be posted as it becomes available.  The JRPG streams can, and usually do, get a bit more raunchy than the history ones as fair warning.

You can find a schedule of game streams to the left.  Please note that all streams are subject to cancellation without notice or delays.  I'm no full time streamer, and have no intentions of ever being one.

Games that I finish will one day probably have a review posted, but since that takes time and effort, I don't have a time frame of when those will start to appear here.  In the meantime, you'll just have to glean my thoughts and opinions by watching the playthroughs. (Except Gacha.  Gacha is just hell.)

Game Library (From Twitch)

Ace Combat 7
Fate Grand Order
Final Fantasy 7: Remake
Genshin Impact
Grand Theft Auto V
Hellish Quart
Spyro the Dragon
Tales of Arise
Tales of Berseria
Tales of Vesperia

Co-Op Codes

The table below shows game title, in-game name (IGN), region, and user code along with main gacha unit or style if applicable.

Game Title Region ID IGN Style
Alchemist Code GL FJA0BRJR HistoryKid PK-Minerva (97), Mira (96), Natsume (97), Celis (99), D.Nyx (91), GL-Minerva (97), Ambrosia (97)
Alchemist Code GL ZMOTKRAY THK_Alt Zwei (86), Fury (75), Itsuki (73), Teona (60), Na Zhu (60), Suzuka (75), Jin (75)
Fate Grand Order NA 060438694 MAJ Kid Avenger Nobu (100), Okita (100), Archer Artoria (100), Karna (90), Astolfo (80), Cast Gil (80), Asn Okita (90), Berserker Nobu (90), F Hokusai (90)
Fate Grand Order NA 709528597 Chad Chadley F. X (74), Suzuka (50), Archer Jeanne (92), Lcr Ibraki (55), Ushiwakamaru (1), Okeanos (36), Stheno (51), Berserker JAlter (62), BB (60)
Genshin Impact EU 737707067 Tanya Lumine (20), Amber (20), Noelle (20), Sucrose (15)
Genshin Impact NA 600608703 Aether Pyro main, cycle Anemo. Ambi-unit focus. Amber/Yoimiya-Sucrose/Aether primaries.

Alter’s Twitch Team

I couldn't do what I do on Twitch without these guys.


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