Welcome to the Havoc, an assortment of discombobulated thoughts and writings on stuff.  This website is mainly just to home stuff that I've done that I find interesting, or to house things that I generally find interesting that I didn't write.  If you find it entertaining or useful, that's awesome.  Hopefully you enjoy the site.  I am constantly fine tuning things and adding stuff, so I don't imagine any individual visit will be the same - or if it is, oh well.  Keep checking back often!

Latest News & Updates

It was an interesting experience losing connection to the site for a few days. About a week ago I noticed that my attempts to reach the site were falling on 404’s. Thinking it was just my ISP, I let it go – since I could still access it on my phone (so it wasn’t a server issue). Lo and behold I find it was my virus scanner.

Now, I know that this was a false positive. I checked the site against the Trusted Source database, and it came back with “minimal” or “no risk” each time. However, just for the sake of sincerity, I opted to deploy a few new security measures for the website in hopes to avoid future issues. I don’t claim anything is foolproof. However, this should at least make things a little bit more secure and long-standing.

First, I hae deployed virus scanning on the website. This probably should have been in place to begin with, but I just now got around to it. Second, I’ve enabled SSL (and forced it) on the site. You should now see that all pages are using HTTPS, rather than HTTP. This just seems to be the norm for the internet these days, so I didn’t argue with it too much.

That’s the latest on this end. Happy reading …
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For the last several updates, I’ve just basically posted them in raw HTML on the homepage, and that stops now. I’ll be posting regular updates in the news section – since there’s no point in me having a news section if I don’t use it.

The homepage has once again been updated, as I’m sure you’ve noticed – along with the entire design of the site. I’m still working on things here and there, but in general I’m working on more regular updates and fixing the fact that a ton of pages have no content on them. That’s coming, and I’m sorry for making all two of you wait so long to get them working (that was a joke, but it probably wasn’t).

I’d like to try and keep to a schedule of posts that are piping in, but I’m not sure that’ll happen anytime soon. Right now I’m importing some stuff, and a lot of my content is spread out over DVIDS right now too. I think I just finished bringing all of that stuff in. I’m also adding fact sheets that I’ve built as a section. Sometime I should also probably get photography updated, but that requires a plugin that I have to work with, and I need to work on the plugins I am already using.

Lastly, I’ll probably put up a donate/buy stuff section. I’ve been selling stuff since I inherited a lot of estate stuff, so that’ll probably be an eBay link or something …
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After what seems like nothing, I’ve returned to the interwebs something fierce. This time with a bit of a story that has led me to revive this page. I’ll save you the tl;dr by saying outright, this page is set to be just a collective hodgepodge of anything and everything that interests me. That in itself should scare you I suppose. This page will be in flux while I get some of the basic principles of what I’m wanting to do ironed out. I have some learning to do with the new WordPress and of course all of the usual organizational stuff. Nevertheless, I’ll put up some kind of proper introductory commentary soon. Along with that, I’ll include some kind of history, as it’s taken me a whole fifteen years to settle on this “whatever-it-is”, and I’m rather proud that my mind calmed to that point. Stay tuned… …
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Research Priorities

The following is a list of research projects that I have in the works, and is not at all inclusive:

  • The History of Long-range, High-Caliber Artillery
  • The Valkyrie Program
  • The Study of High Altitude Projectile Launches
  • The "Annie" Family of Ordnance Systems
  • The History of the Stealth Concept
  • Cold War Military Logistics & Deployment

Inquiry Priorities

The following is a list of subjects I'm working on articles for, again - it isn't inclusive:

  • The Advanced Tactical Fighter Program
  • The B-2 Spirit Bomber and the Flying Wing
  • Understanding the Importance of Close Air Support
  • The 1898 .38 Caliber Colt ACP
  • German Superweapons in World War II
  • An Age of Doomsday Devices
  • The Peak of Thermonuclear Testing
  • The Battles of Iwo Jima & Okinawa