"On Air"

Welcome to the "On Air" section of the site.  In the coming weeks and months, this page will be where you can find the latest history minutes, talks, and streams.  We are currently experimenting with a number of different ideas on a number of different platforms, so please expect this page to be in a state of flux until we settle on something.

Please note that any scheduled postings are subject to short notice postponement or cancellation due to dynamic circumstances that are ongoing.

Please also note that changes and modifications to this page's design and flow may change as we get closer to finalizing what exactly this section means.  Consider this feature "beta" at this time.

Latest On-Air Presentation

Latest History Minute

Twitch Schedule

When Twitch streams are active, a notification will display on the website in the upper left corner indicating that the channel is live.  Reruns of these streams are available shortly after each one concludes.  Please note that Twitch is a third-party website and has their own privacy policy, collection policies, and other proprietary regulations that The Havoc does not cover.  No guarantees are made once you leave the site.