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    For individuals looking to request access to the site resources that are behind membership credentials, please read the following two sections.

    The terms for accepting, maintaining, and using membership on this website are as follows, but are not exclusive to what is mentioned below:

    • You meet at least one of the requirements mentioned to the right.
    • You agree to not abuse access (persistent logins, sharing of account information, etc).
    • You agree to follow and comply with third-party access restrictions (such as DoD and DoJ guidelines).
    • You agree to properly cite credit when and if you choose to redistribute data.
    • You agree to not redistribute data that is marked "not for redistribution."
    • You understand that the ownership of this website will comply with any and all lawful investigations.
    • You understand that information supplied to this website can be queried by law enforcement.
    • You understand that, while we make every effort to secure data, we are not responsible for stolen information.
    • You understand that these terms are subject to change.
    • You understand that violation of these terms is subject to investigation and/or termination of access and beyond.

    I do not require a maintenance on your account.  Once I issue your account to you, it is yours to use or not as you see the need.  You do not need to constantly update your password (although I recommend it), you do not need to constantly login (although I'd like for that to be the case).  This isn't a military or government information system - I won't beat you over the head for compliance.  Just be mindful, and realize that these are resources for you to use.

    Criteria and Requirements for Access

    You must meet at least one of the following criteria below before requesting access:

    • Be a local/regional historian with association to one or more academic or research institutions.
    • Be a local/regional interested party (volunteer, board member, etc) to one or more academic or research institutions.
    • Have met the operator of this information system, and are able to verify and confirm that claim.
    • Be a government party with association to one or more federal (United States only) agency.
    • Be a currently or previously serving service member with a historical or military intelligence MOS.

    If you do not fit into any of these categories, but believe you should still have access, you may still submit a request and include ample justification.  I have made exceptions in the past for people who were submitting data, for example.

    When you submit a request for access, please include the information specified in this section.  I'm not going to contact your employer, and I expect federal entities to practice OPSEC and INFOSEC when validating with me.  Generally, I'll just look you up in global - I don't want to see your badge, CAC, or anything else.  If you have questions as to why, ask your G2, S2, Security, or IT Department to reissue you your Cyber Awareness training.

    DO use the form above to submit the request.  It's the fastest way to get things approved for you.

    Foreign agents and nationals will all be denied access to membership authorization regardless of their meeting of the above requirements.  No exceptions.