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Michael / "The History Kid"
Military Historian
B.A. History / B.A. Art History, Museum Studies
M.A. Cold War Military History
8 (2 Professional, 6 Academic)
Aircraft, Anime (some), Audio, Firearms, Games, History, Music

I'm flattered someone actually took the time to "learn about the author."  Of course, most of the visitors of this particular page on the site are probably one of two things: bots, or the college kid that thinks "it's online, it might be true."  If you are that second type, you are somewhat in luck - it probably is true, but you probably shouldn't cite me on it.  Anyway, as the info on the left says, I go by "the kid" on the internet.  For the past fifteen or so years I've been doing something online website wise, so this is just a continuation of that.  Though, this time it's a bit more hectic without a real sense of direction other than a place for me to put "stuff."  Sorry y'all, but I'm not doing politics, religion, or arguing about what sports team fans have it the toughest (*cough*it's the Lions*cough*).


I graduated with a Bachelors in Arts with a major in History and another in Art History in 2018.  The same year I was picked up in a graduate program for a Master of Arts with a focus in Military History, specializing in American Military from 1949-1985.  I am a perspective student for a Ph.D at a state-level university in 2020 (and it looks good).  I worked retail and sales for the better half of my adult life - it makes up my working career from ages 16 to 27.  In 2017, I started as a volunteer under supervision with the U.S. Army within Installation Management Command (IMCOM, read U.S. Army Garrison, or USAG as well).  Later in 2017, I was picked up by another organization as an intern.  In 2018, they took my training wheels off and I assumed the ranks as a Historian in that command.  Speaking of...


If you are a conspiracy theorist, public brown-noser, or just a lazy college student - let me save you some time.  Nothing on this website is cite-worthy/able.  For the love of all that is good in Academia, do the research for yourself.  If you are a conspiracy theorist, I'm sorry to inform you that your aluminum tin-foil hat doesn't work.  It doesn't work because there's nothing to protect you from.  Also, if it sounds like a conspiracy, it's probably in the joke section and is therefore satire.  Don't kid yourself.

Oh, and any and all commentary that I have posted on this site is purely my own views and not in any shape, way, or form, a reflection on my employer, my alma mater, or my mother, or your brother's-uncle's-cousin's best friend.  This site is for mostly entertainment purposes with perhaps a splash of education.  I have no intentions of this being weighed down by sincerity unless it's absolutely necessary.  If you want the official commentary of a subject from my employer, then I suggest you start with the West Point Academy or other military academic institution, because those guys know a hell of a lot more than I do.

On the off chance that I share anything official, rest assured that this site sure as hell is not the only website where the information can be found.  If it is, I'll be up front about it (at the bottom of the page, probably), but this is probably never going to happen.  I am sure any service member or civilian out there knows all the training on this stuff, and rest assured I'm really not interested in providing work related commentary.  This is more supposed to be for my own academic research and "dank memes." Because that's all the internet is good for...dank memes.

..."the kid?"

Fair question.  I was/am(?) a member on an audio forum.  *gasp*  At any rate, the audio hobby is apparently one that most acquire with age.  For the longest time I was (and still probably am) the youngest member there.  I acquired the nickname "the kid" on there for that reason, and in most settings I just attached my career as a historian to it (The History Kid, or just "the kid" here).  I am sure it'll be a real interesting talking point when I'm a 40-year-old coot with a hearing aid and a cane, yelling at kids and insisting they get off my lawn.

And don't you worry, this website was made with one-hundred percent Midwest "ope"-ism.  Remember kids, "if it don't ope, just say nope."