Welcome to the Fishbowl

I can explain...

You were probably minding your own business, too.  Somehow you wound up here on the site.  How (un)fortunate.  If you have landed on this site, then welcome.  This is a privately run website for a collection of a bunch of different things.  It might range from something silly like video games or something serious like military history.  Either way, I do sincerely hope you enjoy yourself.  It is not my intention to have a "boring" website.

Content on this site generally belongs to me, but not all of it is.  I'm not an artist - so that should help you figure out a few things.  If you own anything that shows up on this site and you want to credit yourself, let me know.

Lastly, please be aware that this is not a family friendly website.  I don't sugarcoat my content.  Don't worry, it's perfectly safe for work, it just might not be great for the kids.

Latest Updates: 30 June 2019

I actually made a separate page for the home page.  Though, now I'm advertising a contact form that I don't have.  Joy.  I also added a section for some fact/spec sheets that I built, and I'm actually really pumped about getting those put up at some point.  The air show this weekend has significantly distracted me, and a lot of things to do at work have also distracted me, so I'll get to them when I get to them.

Incidentally, tumblr keeps getting updated.  I need something to do when I'm suffering from insomnia, I suppose.  So there is that.