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This is an assortment of discombobulated thoughts and writings on stuff.  This website is mainly just to home stuff that I've done that I find interesting, or to house things that I generally find interesting that I didn't write.  If you find it entertaining or useful, that's awesome.  Hopefully you enjoy the site.  I am constantly fine tuning things and adding stuff, so I don't imagine any individual visit will be the same - or if it is, oh well.

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History is just a symphony of different melodies...

Last Quarter's Feature

Completed: 23 May 2020

Birds of Prey: Lethality in the Skies

This Quarter's Feature

Scheduled for 18 August

Raining Hellfire: The First Atomic Bombers

Next Quarter's Feature


The Making of a Conspiracy: Project Aurora

Fan's Choice

August's Topic Selected

"The Other Bomber:" The Bockscar

Current Research Focuses

The following is a list of research projects that I have in the works, and is not at all inclusive:

  • The Valkyrie Program
  • The Blackbird Family
  • The "Annie" Family of Ordnance Systems
    • Triple Threat Weapons
    • High Altitude / Long Range Weapons
  • Late Cold War Military Logistics
    • Post-Vietnam Era Logistics
    • The Revolution in Military Affairs

Peripheral Research

The following is a list of subjects I'm working on articles for, again - it isn't inclusive:

  • Flying Wing & Lifting Bodies Designs
  • The Peak of Thermonuclear Testing
  • The Battles of Iwo Jima & Okinawa
  • The History of Dryden
  • The History of Stealth Technology
  • Global War on Terror
  • The Ongoing Legacy of Mercenaries in War
  • Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare